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Off to new horizons: the way into the digital world is via migration

The insurance industry is going through a phase of disruption. Growing customer expectations, high cost pressure, increasing regulations, new business models and competitors are forcing insurers to modernise their IT systems. With an experienced partner at your side, you can master the challenges that a migration brings with it.

Heterogeneous IT landscapes

The digital transformation has prompted insurers to re-examine their tried-and-tested ways. The sector needs a compelling range of services for its clients and is therefore taking new approaches. But there is no doubt about what is needed for business success: a modern and efficient IT landscape.


And it is precisely here that there is still a lot to do. Mergers and acquisitions in recent years have created a panoply of IT environments at many insurance companies, all of which are operated in parallel. That costs a lot of time and money, because heterogeneous IT ties up valuable human resources – exactly those specialists who are urgently needed for shaping digital change and innovation within the company. And not least: communication with customers is also often no longer up to date, and, in many cases, expectations of customer service in terms of availability and speed are not fulfilled.


The consolidation and migration of IT environments and policy portfolios is therefore right at the top of the list of must-haves for many insurance companies. Only by migrating data to a modern IT system can insurers get fit for the digital future.

Slim, efficient and successful with migration

Migration projects are often subject to all kinds of prejudice: they’re too complex, entail considerable risks and put innovation on hold at the company for long periods – just to mention some of the most common concerns. But with the right migration strategy and an experienced partner, it is a challenge that can be overcome very well.


Furthermore, migration provides an opportunity to adapt business processes for the migrated policies to clients’ new information and communications requirements. Migrating to a standardised, modern new platform not only makes for more efficient workflows in insurance businesses – it also generates better customer contact and more service in the digital insurance world and enables participation in new business models such as ecosystems.


One prerequisite for a successful migration is of course the actuarial analysis in line with regulations and the proper implementation, with documentary evidence that all the data has been transferred completely and correctly from the legacy systems to the target platform. And ideally the insurance clients will never know anything about it – apart from the modern new communications channels and improved service.

The solution that covers it all: msg.Migration Factory

The perfect partner for tackling the challenge with confidence is msg insur:it. We’ve completed more than 40 complex migration projects, including many platform migrations – that is, the migration of data from several source systems and their associated cross systems (especially partners, billing and commission) to a new target platform. With more than 45 million successfully migrated policies, msg insur:it has a unique wealth of experience and comprehensive know-how, which meet the high actuarial and technical standards for migrations and which lead the insurance company efficiently, securely and dependably through the migration project.


Proven methods and sophisticated standard software solutions have been pooled to form a suite of migration solutions that is unparalleled in the market and which is refined with every new project. And in that process we integrate innovative technologies to increase quality and efficiency, such as machine learning and deep neural networks.


msg.Migration Factory comprises a tested, systematic process for migration and is supplemented by msg.Migration System, a turnkey, audit-proof migration tool and finally, msg.Migration Archive, the archival and information system.


Our services also include the complete planning and preparation of the migration, carrying out all actuarial, functional and technical tasks and the migration itself, including test procedures and approvals. And the specialists from msg insur:it support and advise the insurance company throughout the entire migration project.

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