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What you can expect from us

The insurance sector needs our software solutions to be highly adaptable to ever-changing market requirements and to improve continuously. We are happy to meet these high expectations – including as an employer, when it comes to being there for our employees. We take your needs and requests seriously and want to create the exact conditions you need to feel at ease with us and show what you are truly capable of. That is why we can offer you a modern working environment with excellent technical equipment, flexible working time models, 30 days of holiday leave and much more (link to benefits). Your personal and professional development is also important to us, because we want to work in a sustainable manner. We can therefore offer you a secure job with long-term support. Your journey with us will start even before your first day at work (link to onboarding) and we are looking forward to helping you chart your future course with us.


What we can offer you

Are you looking for a safe job with creative freedom and the opportunity for professional and personal development? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We like to invest in our employees and tailor the benefits we offer to the individual needs of our teams. Dialogue characterised by recognition and transparency on all levels is important to us, so that the conditions are ideal for our employees to unlock their full potential and enjoy moving in new directions.


Our teams work between different offices and even across national borders, and are in constant contact with one another. This fosters professional dialogue as well as a team spirit. After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


See what we are like as an employer with your own eyes. From a personalised working hours structure to technical equipment for your workstation to your professional and personal development, we will work with you to create the perfect conditions based on your individual situation.

Find out about the wide range of benefits we offer


Settling in is the first step. Before your first working day even arrives, you will be given access to our employee portal which offers tips for your first day at work as well as a treasure trove of other information meant to shorten the time until you start work with us.


Over the months of your onboarding, you will then participate in our multi-day @msg insur:it onboarding programme. The programme will help you familiarise yourself with our offices and teams in a quick and easy fashion, get you started with networking right away and provide an overview of our structures, tools and departments. This way, you won’t have to stress about joining us and you will have a lot of freedom to ask any questions you might have.


Trust is important to us. That is why you report your working hours to us independently and can build up overtime and take time off in exchange. We even offer a centralised travel policy, 30 days of holiday leave and the option to take a time-out, be it a sabbatical, to care for your relatives or for any other reason. Additionally, we provide students and employees who are studying alongside their work with exceptionally flexible options to help them balance their work and studies with ease.


We want to grow with you. That is why we not only offer lots of creative freedom, but will also support your individual development with workshops and coaching tailored to your specific needs. You will even have access to lots of online courses on our study platform, and we will organise annual development interviews with you in order to identify and actively strengthen your full potential.


Be it public transport, car or bicycle, you will always be on the move with us. Our modern offices are situated so as to be easy to reach by public transport and normally have free underground car parks. We offer discounts on public transport tickets at most of our offices. Prefer to cycle? To help you travel to our offices in sustainable style, we’re happy to lease you a work bicycle that you can also use privately.


To us, modern work means coming together and sharing ideas, so our offices feature flexible workstations with excellent technical equipment and a working environment in which you can feel at ease: we provide free tea, coffee and water, and some offices even have fresh fruit and a canteen. It’s easy to meet colleagues at our well-furnished coffee bars and share thoughts and ideas on a regular basis.


There is nothing wrong with this much flexibility: keeping in personal contact with our colleagues in our offices is important to us. At the same time, remote working is just as important. Be it in the office or at home, we can provide you with a modern workstation in our office or supply the technical equipment you need to be perfectly capable of working elsewhere, to help you cut your direct carbon emissions and win a victory for sustainability.


Everything has to be balanced! That’s why we not only offer 30 days of holiday leave, but also a wide selection of sporting activities and individual part time options to help you balance your work and family or get on with a private project. Thanks to our arrangement with @voiio – our family friendliness partner – we can offer a wide range of digital events, coaching and advice on family matters and preparing for retirement, as well as yoga and back health courses. And even with all that going on, there’s still enough time for a small table football team tournament.


It is important to us to offer our employees fair, competitive salaries. Transparency is the hallmark of our salary model, which provides for regular reviews and annual interviews with employees. We also offer workplace pension options and accident insurance.


Hi! We embrace an active, transparent and informal culture because we are outgoing and communication characterised by recognition and appreciation across all hierarchical levels is important to us and good for our teams. Thanks to our policy of open doors and flat hierarchies, you can look forward to a lively dialogue that often veers off topic from time to time. What’s more, you will be invited to lots of events such as our summer festival, Christmas party and regular employee gatherings – with no other purpose than to help everyone stay in touch and get to know each other better.

What we would like to see


We treat one another with appreciation and fairness. We treat one another with respect and recognise the work done by others.


Collegial spirit

A fair, team-oriented way of working is very important to us. We are respectful of one another and all work to create an atmosphere of trust.



We overcome challenges with a wealth of ideas, enthusiasm, the willingness to embrace personal and professional development, personal responsibility and motivation.



We strive for future-proof solutions that create value.


Creative determination

We encourage new ideas and offer lots of freedom for innovative ways of thinking and approaches.



We keep our word, uphold agreements and take responsibility for our work.

Think that sounds exciting?
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