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Policy administration system for group business

msg.Life Group

msg.Life Group is standard software for efficiently managing life insurance and company pension contracts in group business.

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msg.Life Group is a proven policy administration system for the group business of life insurers and pension providers. The software covers the entire life cycle of a group policy and makes it possible to compile and manage individual contracts on the basis of overriding framework agreements (such as business customers). This enables similar business processes to be carried out for a group of individual contracts compiled on the basis of certain criteria.

  • Cost-effective policy administration with high process coverage
  • Upgradeable standard software is a future-proof and safe investment
  • Integration into existing IT landscapes is quick and easy
  • Optimal performance through a high degree of scalability
  • Numerous plausibility checks for great process security
  • Large number of users for attractive cost sharing
  • Covers all of the business processes in the life cycle of a group contract
  • Supports multiple languages, clients and currencies
  • Batch processing to issue policies, change premiums or change employers for a group of individual contracts
  • Information about group and individual contracts can be retrieved and analysed at any time.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ready for Cloud Available as a cloud or SaaS solution