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Increase your competitiveness and remain future-proof with the market’s most comprehensive range of solutions for insurers.

We provide a complete and leading range of solutions relating to the complete solution msg.Insurance Suite for insurers in all segments – everything from under one roof and featuring state-of-the-art technology. In addition to standard software, msg insur:it provides full integration, migration and deployment services for the core system msg.Insurance Suite, including perpetual upgradeable maintenance, application management and operation/hosting. Our solutions meet the necessary security standards for cloud and SaaS operation.

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  • Artificial Intelligence


AI-supported knowledge base


AI-based claims management


Standard software for efficient payment transactions

msg.Business Partner

Administration of business data


Efficient commission management

msg.Data Services

Data optimisation for reporting


Document Generation System


GDPR in complex application landscapes


Complete care solution for case management

msg.Health Factory

Component-based integrated system for private health insurance


Financial reporting in insurance companies

msg.Insurance Suite

A suite for digitised insurance operations

msg.Life Factory

Policy administration system for life insurance

msg.Life Group

Policy administration system for group business


Policy management system for company pension commitments

msg.Migration Analyze

Exploratory data analysis

msg.Migration Archive

Archiving of historical contract and peripheral system data

msg.Migration Factory

Complete portfolio migration solution

msg.Migration System

Data migration


Digital inbox solution for transaction control

msg.P&C Factory

A component-based complete solution for P&C insurers


Portal for time-value accounts and company pension plans

msg.Pension Data

Digital pension overview: Provision of data


Tool for product modelling

Product Machine

A single platform to streamline the creation, personalization and distribution of insurance products


Pension settlement and documentation system


An online, modular, multichannel solution that drives a client-centred strategy.

msg.Tax Data (Health)

Automated reporting system for health and long-term care insurance

msg.Tax Data (Life)

Automated reporting system for life insurance


Automated processing of allowance processes for Riester products


Automate the entire underwriting process.


A cloud-based standard software that administrates the complex field of reinsurance

ZABAS Accident Insurance (Physician Fee Scale)

Automated regulation for accident insurance

ZABAS Detection

Digital fraud prevention with intelligent data evaluation

ZABAS Engage

Optimized digital multi-channel communication

ZABAS Private Cost Reimbursement

Automated processing of self-payer tariffs

ZABAS Settlement

Automated claims processes for private health insurance companies

AI-supported migration

Efficiency improvements with machine learning and large language models