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msg nexinsure launches the new feature msg.Tax Data KVNR Connect for private health insurance

6. October 2022

(Hamburg, 6 October 2022) – msg nexinsure ag, a provider of cutting-edge software solutions for the insurance sector, is launching a new feature in msg.Tax Data for private health insurers: msg.Tax Data KVNR Connect. It will be unveiled to an audience of stakeholders from the insurance industry in a workshop on 12 October. KVNR, which stands for ‘health insurance number’ in German, will become relevant to private health insurers from the start of 2024. From that point onwards, the health insurance number will be necessary for the upcoming implants registry, among other things. Health insurance number identification is integrated seamlessly into msg.Tax Data, the complete reporting procedure solution, rounding off the tailored version of the standard software msg.Insurance Suite for health insurers.


Health insurance number required for the mandatory implants registry from 2024


The new feature will enable private health insurers to send the necessary data to the mandatory implants registry. This will be launched on 1 January 2024. As the health insurance number serves as a reference number for submissions to the implants registry, private health insurers are compelled to provide it. Previously, the health insurance number has not been used in private health insurance.

The health insurance number itself is provided via PKV-Konnektor, a platform operated by the Association of German Private Healthcare Insurers (PKV), in a set process and integrated into msg.Tax Data KVNR Connect.


Automated clearing


The health insurance number is difficult to administrate because it is determined centrally and assigned to a policyholder for life, so a clearing process involving all authorised users who use the health insurance number for their policyholders has to be carried out in order to detect and prevent duplicate numbers from being assigned. The clearing process is largely automated, which means that manual processing is limited to cases which absolutely have to be assessed by a case handler.


Contribution notifications (MZ10) and all Pflege-Bahr processes are already administrated successfully by msg.Tax Data for the PKV. Even the PKV certification process (ELStAM reports) is going to be implemented in the component msg.Tax Data by the time the process launches in November 2023.


Along with the new feature KVNR Connect, this makes msg.Tax Data a complete toolkit that can handle all reporting procedures with a wide range of bodies (ZfA, ZfP, BZSt and ITSG via the PKV-Konnektor platform), all in a single modern software component.


‘We are proud to offer our customers an easily integrated solution in msg.Tax Data KVNR Connect. Current users of msg.Tax Data, our complete reporting procedure solution, can integrate the new feature KVNR Connect both quickly and easily, while new customers can make use of a solution that will be available in good time before the administrative processes concerning the health insurance number become necessary in 2024. Anyone interested in the solution can take a closer look at it in our workshops in October 2022’, says Thomas-Michael von Zelewski, Head of Sales at msg nexinsure ag.


About msg.Tax Data

msg.Tax Data is a complete solution for statutory reporting procedures in health and nursing care insurance; click here for more information.


About msg nexinsure ag

msg nexinsure ag (a member of the msg Group) is an IT service provider that delivers cutting-edge software solutions for the insurance sector. Along with its sister company msg life, it markets msg.Insurance Suite under the newly established co-brand msg insur:it. The leading software msg.Insurance Suite provides a complete, end-to-end insurance platform for all segments, with all cross-systems and with preconfigured sample solutions in a product-centric architecture. The company’s range also features other software products and consulting services.


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