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Debeka takes another step further with the modernisation of its IT system – the largest private health insurer will use msg.Health Factory in future

17. August 2021

Debeka is pressing on with the modernisation of its IT systems from the ground up. It has been modernising its IT system for life insurance since 2015. Germany’s largest private health insurer has now signed a contract with msg nexinsure AG in Munich to modernise its IT. The contract signals the start of the development of a new core system for Debeka Krankenversicherung. At the same time, Debeka is striving to build a new technological foundation for modern practices in its IT operations. This core system is the central computing unit needed for the key activities of an insurance company, such as contract administration and claims management. The goal of the modernisation project is to rapidly increase the speed of customer support at Debeka and create a better customer experience with new, digital communication channels. It is also expected to result in a higher degree of automation and, in turn, cost reductions.

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